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I made some icons of Jasper mostly for my own reference, but if you wanna take some, just credit this journal!

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Title: My Super-Country, 'Tis of Thee
Fandom: Marvel, DC
Characters: Captain America, Superman, Secretary of State John Kerry, President Barack Obama, Doomsday, Loki
Warnings: Criminal doses of AWESOME, slash, don't like don't read!!!!!!!!!!
Summary: When the White House is attacked, Captain America finds himself in over his head! He has to turn to a super-ally for help... but will he also turn to him for LOVE?

Author's Notes: I wrote this from APH America's POV when I was slightly inebriated, I don't have many regrets in life but this might be one of them

Disclaimer: heck

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Title: idk let's just call it something dumb like "Admin Feelings, WIP"
Fandom: Tower of Animus
Characters: Jason and Dax, blackroming it up, what do you fuckers honestly expect?
Summary: Jason and Dax finally come to blows.

...If you know what I mean.

Author's Notes: kill me

Disclaimer: I'm not awesome enough to take credit for these characters, I just like to talk about how amazing they are and also ship them 9v6

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Title: Naya Needs to Get Out More (But 'Till Then, Have Blackrom)
Fandom: Tower of Animus (it isn't really a fandom but leave me alone)
Characters: Jason/Dax blackrom, what else? Psh.
Warnings: I took this way too seriously.
Summary: Jason's a whiny asshole tittybaby after the characters in the bodyswap event figured out how to reverse the swaps. It's all Dax-senpai's fault. Or something.
Author's Notes: This time it's Plus's fault. The dumb bullshitty header here is just me trying to cover up for the fact that I am actually seriously shipping NPCs in a DWRP. Someone please kill me.

Disclaimer: I don't own Jason and Dax but I don't think that I'll be getting sued for this anytime soon. Right, guys? ...Right?

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Title: It has no title
Fandom: Tower of Animus (because that is apparently a thing now)
Characters: Jason<3<Dax
Warnings: There is nothing right about this. Presumably OOC because THE FUCK IS CANON?
Summary: Some pretty legit dudes talk about tormenting characters, and I attempt to make this serious. Did it work? Read to find out, oooooh~
Author's Notes: Several. 1. This is all Cee's fault. 2. What is characterization. 3. I am so sorry that this exists. 4. I am also sorry that there are no on-screen HOT YOAIS. 5. I like having five notes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Jason or Dax and I know nothing about them but fuck that LET'S DO THIS THING.

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